As well as bespoke development services, MA Systems Ltd develops commercial off-the-shelf systems for the Agricultural and Livestock sectors:


Cloud-Lines was our 1st product offering, and continues to go from strength to strength. At it’s core, it is a modern, API-Driven, cloud-based pedigree records system. As well as offering unrivalled usability, security, and availability it also features innovative sector-leading tools. The Cloud-Lines “Stud Advisor” tools uses the BCAS methodology to offer suggested animal matings, which will preserve the genetic diversity within a closed breed, in line with U.N. & FAO Sustainable Development Goal target 2.5.

PopRep integration means that Cloud-Lines now offers FaNGR standard reports on breed population health.


Built as a complimentary but separate system to Cloud-Lines, Cloud-Lines-Memberships offers all of the tools a membership organisation needs to manage it’s online members. CLM enables members to sign-up online, pay electronically with card details, and manage their membership profile. Organisations can manage their memberships, create fully customer pricing models and sign-up fields, as well as keeping track of payments. CLM can be optionally integrated with a Cloud-Lines package, allowing the ability to control user access to pedigree data based upon membership status.