Specialising in creating, hosting and supporting next-generation services and systems for the agricultural and animal breeding sectors using cutting edge technologies.

MA Systems Ltd was established in 2018, in response to a growing need for agricultural bodies and animal-focused organisations to improve record keeping, data access, and user experience. MA Systems Ltd was formed by our present directors to leverage both their agricultural experience, as well as their extensive knowledge of delivering successful, modern, IT solutions to enterprise organisations.

With a focus on Inter-Operability, we hope to drive the digital revolution within agriculture, building systems which can talk to other systems, from day 1.

Following the successful launch of our 1st product – Cloud-Lines – in 2019, MA Systems Ltd continued to develop the Cloud-Lines family of systems in line with CI/CD principles.

MA Systems Ltd operates as an end-to-end development house for agricultural software systems projects – taking them from the initial concept phase, right through to successful delivery.